Films Related to Yemen

  • Spielberg Jewish Movie Archive
    Movies on Yemen and immigration to Israel – some can be found on youtube.
  • Sallah Shabati (Hebrew: סאלח שבתי‎) is a 1964 Israeli comedy film about the chaos of Israeli immigration and resettlement. This social satire placed the director Ephraim Kishon and producer Menahem Golan among the first Israeli filmmakers to achieve international success. It also introduced actor Chaim Topol (Fiddler on the Roof) to audiences worldwide.
    The film’s name, Sallah Shabati is a play on words; ostensibly a Yemenite Jewish name, it is also intended to evoke the phrase סליחה שבאתי, “sorry that I came”. In earlier print versions of Kishon’s short stories which were revised for the film, the character was known as Saadia Shabtai.
  • Yemen Music of the Yemenite Jews
    30- minute visually beautiful documentary presents traditional chants and instruments as well as the evolution of Yemenite music to rhythmic, polyphonic music popular today in Israel and beyond. The significance of women in Yemenite culture as poets, dancers, and musicians is also featured.


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