Books About Yemen and Yemenite Jews

  • A Journey Through the Yemen and Some General Remarks Upon That Country by Walter Harris (2013)
  • A Winter in Arabia: A Journey through Yemen by Freya Stark (2011)
  • From The Land of Sheba by Solomon Dob Fritz Goitein (1947, 1973)
  • From The Land of Sheba: Tales of the Jews of Yemen by SD Goitein (1981)
  • Jews and Arabs: A Concise History of their Social and Cultural Relations by SD Goitein (2005)
  • Jews of Arab Lands by Norman Stillman (1998)
  • My Memoir as an Activist for Israel and Yemenite Jews by Sampson Giat (2010)
  • Operation Esther: Opening the Door for the Last Jews of Yemen by Hayim Tawil (1998)
  • Passover Haggadah: The Original Tradition of the Jews of Yemen by Ben-Tsur Chaim (1998)
  • Rambam: Selected Letters to Maimonides – Letter to Yemen, Discourse on Martyrdom by Maimonides and Avraham Finkel (1994)
  • Saperi Tama: The Diwan Songs of the Jews of Central Yemen by Naomi and Avner Bahat (1995)
  • The Jews of the British Crown Colony of Aden by Reuben Ahroni (1994 and 2013)
  • The Jews of Yemen in the Nineteenth Century: A Portrait of a Messianic Community by BZ Eraqi Kloman and Bat-Zim Kloman (1997)
  • The Jews of Yemen: Highlights of the Israel Museum Collection by Ester Muchawsky-Schnapper (1995)
  • The Jews of Yemen: The Last Generation by Zion Ozeri (2005)
  • The Magic Carpet by Shlomo Barer (1952)
  • Yemen, The Unknown War by Dana Adams Schmidt (1968)
  • Yemenite Folktales: The Answered Prayer by Sharlya Gold (1990)


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